Medication Refills

Prescription renewals and refills can be ordered from the patient portal or by calling our office at (352) 331-8902.


When requesting a medication refill, please be prepared to leave your name, phone number, date of birth, the name of the medication, name, location and phone number of your pharmacy. Most prescriptions are phoned into your pharmacy within 72 hours.


Should you experience any side effects of the medication you have been prescribed, call our office immediately to report the problem. During evening hours, our answering service will forward your call to the physician on call.

Should you experience an allergic reaction (difficulty breathing, skin rash, etc), discontinue the medication immediately and call 911.


Patients beginning any treatment for Hepatitis C should call the “member services” department for their insurance plan to determine the preferred pharmacy for injectable medications. Many insurance plans offer a mail order pharmacy for their injectables, while oral medications may be received from a local pharmacy provider.


If you have been ordered biologics by your physician, use this convenient worksheet for guidance.