State-of-the-art Pathology Lab

With the latest equipment and a highly skilled staff, the Digestive Disease Associates pathology lab helps us streamline patient care and reduce turn-around time in providing specimen test results to you and your primary care physician. Our in-house pathology lab eliminates the need to transport specimens outside of the building, and our pathologist is available daily to review slides and provide your gastroenterologist with an expert interpretation.

Located within the Digestive Disease Associates clinic, the pathology lab specializes in specimens collected during gastroenterology procedures and is available exclusively to Digestive Disease Associates physicians. This allows our practice to deliver the high quality expected in the interpretation of your pathology.

Pathology Billing

Patients frequently have questions regarding their lab or pathology bills. Digestive Disease Associates participates in many local and national insurance plans. If for any reason your insurance falls outside our participating insurance carrier list, we will accept your insurance carrier’s “out-of-network” payment along with your “in-network” co-payment, co-insurance, and deductible as payment in full. If you request that your pathology be sent to the “in network” lab, we will accommodate your request.

If you have any billing questions, you can contact our billing office at (352) 331-8902, extension 212.

Lab Staff

We’re proud to have outstanding professionals on our pathology lab staff. Our lab’s medical director is Dr. Lisa Dixon,
Our histological technician is board certified by the State of Florida and the American Society of Clinical Pathology. 

We are confident that our staff will present timely, GI-focused interpretation of your pathology.